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From Me To You - Pip Edwards

She's pretty much the coolest woman & the trendiest woman in Australia right now...  and what makes her even more incredible, is that she designs a huge proportion of what she wears! Despite a huge workload, this particular woman is always dressed with a smile of her face, a serious spring in her step & some seriously insaneeeee abs! Pip Edwards ... the woman on mission to keeping THINKING BIG! And I adore her for it! 

Co-founder of P.E. Nation & mumma bear to Justice, Pip is a successful business women, a talented designer & a ripper of a human. She is sweet, smart, ballsy, nurturing & she is proud of herself. An amazing quality I hope all women will adopt after reading her interview. 

I chose to include Pip in From Me To You, because she takes risks & trusts her gut in the process. Pip is extraordinarily creative yet her business mind is as sharp as a tac. There is a lot to be learned from women like Pip - someone who truely celebrates & motivates the women around her. It's a real treat having her wise words printed on the pages of my book. 

Me wearing Pips epic P.E. Nation!

Me wearing Pips epic P.E. Nation!

When I asked Pip what she thought women don't get enough credit for, her answer sums up her character pretty well... "For being awesome!"

If you dream of building a business, creating change or simply becoming the very best version of yourself in both work & personal environments - then I am SO excited to be sharing this interview with you all. Pip is real. Her feet are firmly on the ground & while her creative mind runs wild, she appreciates things for what they are. 

Waking up and not absolutely loving the work tasks ahead for the day is all part of it!! Big things come after many efforts, they can't all be rosy & glamorous. But if we stick to our guns & focus on the goal ahead (the big picture dreams!), we all stand a better chance of being as fierce as Pip Edwards.

From Me To You hits the shelves next week on the 24th of October! Or you can click the link below to pre-order your very own limited, signed edition!

Elyse x