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Sexiness is a feeling.

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Um … are you seeing what I’m seeing? The two women to my right … and me! I am so proud to sit alongside Julie Bishop & Carrie Bickmore on this years cover issue of Who Sexiest People 2018. So proud!! As a model it can be easy for people to typecast you as the “bikini girl”, “the blonde”, “the pretty face” etc etc but not today! Sitting next to two of the countries biggest powerhouses acknowledges the fact that models are, just like many others, ambitious career women with a hunger for success. Success being positive change, inner strength, self believe and killer drive.

I love this cover because it also acknowledges, that “sexiness” is defined by intelligence, wisdom, bravery & natural womanhood. Carrie, Julie and myself are all at different stages of our lives & careers, but we share a fire in our bellies and a goal to push for positive change. I am immensely grateful to be sharing this moment with these two beautiful women. Thank you so much to the team at Who Mag for this very humbling honour.

To me, sexiness shines through those who are comfortable in their own skin & proud of who they are. Sexiness looks like courage, laughter & generosity! Sexiness is all about your attitude, not your body shape. It’s about your character. Your heart. Your mind.

I am, and will always continue to be a huge advocate for girls & women to own who they are. Embrace their unique attributes & wake up everyday feeling as though they are good enough to smash out their goals & live life to the fullest. Because they are good enough. YOU are perfect.

It’s a special time to be a woman at the moment. There seems to be so much support and love in the air. We’re all looking out for each other and pushing each other forward … and getting rid of comparison & jealousy. Thank god!! Lets keep this up! I’d love for EVERYONE to jump on social media, or better yet go & see a friend and remind them that they are AMAZING. Remind them they you see their efforts, you see their heart & you are proud of them.

Sexiness is a feeling. So do your best today & go out there & make someone feel fantastic. You’ll feel better for it too!

To read the full article, simply click here or you can download the PDF copy here.

Elyse x

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