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When in Chandigarh

Elyse Knowles Aveda 2018

Traveling to Chandigarh (a territory in India) was a beautiful experience, especially traveling with the incredible Aveda family! I was thrilled to be named the ambassador for Aveda Haircare earlier this year - not only because I love their products (as does my hair!) but I sincerely admire & support their company ethos… a little of which I’ve pasted below.

“We strive to set an example for leadership and responsibility of caring, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.  Our commitment to caring for animals and wildlife reaches far and wide. In fact, we live and breathe it.”

Aveda look at the bigger picture. Beauty is a huge, thriving industry!! But the health of our globe, the earth we walk on & the air we breathe is at the helm of everything Aveda does. Aveda expands & strengthens their company, and designs their products with sustainability at the forefront of all of their decisions. This is truely special (and rare!) & I’m proud to be a part of their brand.

Taking part in the recent 3 day brand immersion trip to Chandigarh was insane!! Eye opening, wonderful, fun, inspiring, invigorating… everything I could have hoped for and much, much more. It was quite a long way to go from Melbourne but when I landed & walked around the beautiful Chandigarh, it was well worth it. 10000% !!

The Aveda team and I stayed at the Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort and Spa which felt as if it was built in my own imagination. The layers of rustic pink tones, the beautiful patterns integrated on walls, floors and furnishings, the many archways & the attention to detail in general was jaw dropping. Everywhere I looked, was inspiring. Honeslty, I could have started a Pinterest wall dedicated to every place I visited!

During the trip, I popped my scientific hat on too which was a privilege. Getting my hands dirty when it comes to the production & development of everything I work on is a really rewarding experience. Not to mention beneficial, because I’ve always been someone who “learns by doing.” I was able to touch, smell, & ask questions along the way - all of which made me more impressed & prouder of Aveda’s ideas & processes. When I say these guys care about the earth & think and act with their hearts and their switched on brains - I am not kidding.

One of the things I discovered during this trip, that I really want you all to know, is the lengths the Aveda team go to when it comes to finding ethical farmers to work with in terms of sourcing naturally derived ingredients that they add into their products. Aveda ensures everything it legit - right down to the working standards for their employees. In my head I just kept thinking … tick, tick, TICK!

A favourite experience of mine, was a product development session we did in the forest. The session was hosted by Aveda’s Executive Director of Botanical Research, Cindy Angerhofer. Cindy is so in tune with the ingredients, the local communities who provide their ingredients & the farmers who Aveda works alongside and supports. Cindy explained the benefits of every single ingredient Aveda uses & allowed us to see & smell them. The stand outs to me where the Ayurvedic herbal extracts … turmeric, ginger and alma. Heaven!

Supporting the local farming communities in Chandigarh (such as one of the local organic farms, Umbari, Maharashtrot)— means that Aveda also helps the farms become further advanced & established. Sourcing Turmeric from Umbari, means that the farm can go ahead with the installation of a pipeline & storage tank which provides them with clean water. Aveda also provide financial aid & support for women within these communities so that they can build kitchen gardens & grow their own fresh vegetables.

It really warmed my heart to see these how meaningful each working relationship & partnership were to Aveda. Quite unlike anything I’ve seen before.

So people! If you’re looking for some incredible haircare AND a way to get behind & support sustainable living practices - then please look to Aveda Haircare. You’ll be looking after our beautiful earth if you do so … & you honesty won’t look back.

If you’re on the lookout for Christmas presents for your nearest & dearest, a little personal tip… have a look at the Aveda Chakra Spray. I keep it at my desk, next to bed, in my car and in every single bag! Once you smell it & feel the relaxation vibes it gives off - you’ll understand why! The Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair is also a MUST have for girls needing to strengthen & maintain their locks during summertime & beyond.

Thank you for a memorable trip to Chandigarh India (my very first time in India too!). It meant the world to work alongside you all - thank you.

Elyse xx