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Ed Purnomo 

Ed Purnomo 

Everyone (including myself) tends to start of a New Year with a big resolution centred around their health and wellbeing. Become fitter, train harder, improve my diet, quit chocolate. From what I can tell, during the first two months I think most people stick to their resolutions amazingly well & enter the year feeling fresh and fit.

The challenge then becomes to carry out their new & improved intentions & make sure they last all year. I honestly believe the trick it to mix things up. When it comes to fitness don't be afraid to try new things. Make your workouts different, more interesting and probably more challenging as well. This won't only keep you from getting bored or dreading those early mornings, but it'll keep your whole body engaged. If you're game enough to give new things a shot, I guarantee you'll strengthen different muscles & different areas of the body in the process. 

Over summer for example, when we are out in the bush or on the river, I don't have access to my normal gym. Water skiing & walking becomes my go-to. Water skiing is so much fun as well as extremely good for the body! I'll be up on the board all day feeling energised & great... and the next few days my body will burn & ache. Not in a bad way though, in an amazing way! I love this feeling because it means I've had a solid workout! Being a little sore and achy is not always a sign of injury (in most cases anyway). It can be a sign of strength! Stay strong & push through. This is when you'll see and feel changes.

Walking Isla for an hour each day is also a great way for me to keep active. Walking is a brilliant form of exercise. If you can mix up your walking routes every so often, it's a good way to stumble across little inclines or stairs which will challenge your legs a little more.

Walking is great during summer when the weather is warm & fresh. There is no excuse not to be outside. For me, it's my personal time. I find it incredibly soothing. I use the time & the fresh air to process everything I have going on. I then slowly prioritise things, feeling calm the whole time instead of becoming overwhelmed. This time is so relaxing, productive & therapeutic. The best thing is, there are no interruptions (apart from having to collect Isla's poo!). It's just me, nature & a whole lot of space. I cherish this hour and make absolute sure I can fit it in everyday. 

When it comes to cooking over the summery months, salads are my go to! I go nuts with spinach, beetroot, seeds, avocado, pumpkin, goats cheese, chicken or fish (salmon is my preference). Even as the cooler nights or months set in, there is nothing better than adding warm roasted veggies or warm grilled chicken to your salads to fill you up. Salad does not have to be boring! You can be so adventurous with the ingredients you use so you don't end up eating the same old thing everyday. By mixing up the ingredients, you can play around with a heap of cuisines. Fresh food is the way to go! 

The most important part of my day & the bit I love the most is breaky! I have breaky after a big workout every morning so by that stage I am starving & feeling as though I deserve something wholesome & delicious. Over the summer break when we spend 2-3 weeks in the bush, I'm limited by ingredients as we can't store a whole lot. Frozen berries, natural yogurt and raw/fruitless muesli is what I stick too. All chucked into a bowl with some sprinkled seeds & nuts on top. YUM!

People who tend to shy away from "healthy" meals such as salads and muesli seem to forget how delicious this stuff can be. You just need to use that nogan of yours & get creative! Herbs and spices, lemon, chilly & ginger, coconut & good olive oil can bring a whole new life to something assumed to be plain. Not only do these types of meals fill you up, but they fuel your body with protein, fibre, vitamins and nutrients. They'll leave you feeling satisfied, light & fresh instead of heavy, bloated or weighed down.

As summer fades into Autumn, I'll make sure to post some yummy recipes to inspire you all! Watch this space peeps & stick to that healthy New Years resolution I bet you made! Your mind & body will love you for it.

The photpgraphy above & below are thanks to the talented, legend Ed Purnomo

Elyse xx