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Myer AW 2018

I had such an epic day shooting with the Myer family! They made me feel incredibly welcome and happy in my own skin from the get go. When a client asks you to be nothing but real and natural, they're keepers!! It's the sign of a dream client! 

Before I even walked onto set, I was looking forward to the shoot. The brief simply asked for me to "be myself", which felt really flattering to be honest. I actually laughed when I first read it & asked them ... "at what particular level do you want me to be me? Because there is a whole lot of crazy and I’m not sure if you want all of it coming with me to work"!

Their reply was music to my ears, ‘we want you to be 100% you."

This is exactly what I stand for. Girls and women being cherished for exactly who they are. A big smile grew on my face after reading that. I could tell instantly that the Myer team and I were going to get along just fine! And we did... check out a few BTS videos from the day below! :) 

Now that the final images have come out, I can see why they wanted the shoot to be super organic. The outcome is relaxed, fun and relatable. It's pretty spectacular and I'm really proud to have been asked to be a part of their AW shoot. Styling wise, it's high end with a laid back, cruisy undertone. It's a beautiful blend of evening & daytime looks, cleverly showcasing the talented designers. 

Have a look below and see what you think! If you fall in love with anything just shop the look using this link! The brands featured include Nicholas, Asilio, Misha, Miss Shop, Yeojin Bae, Cooper St, Bronx and Banco, Elliatt, Mossman, We Are Kindred, Tokito, Piper and Georgia Alice. There is a lot of brilliance in that lot! 

I am incredibly excited to be walking in the Myer AW18 fashion parade during VAMFF next month, on March 9th. 
It’s been a long time since I've been on the runway! But there's nothing like dusting off the cobwebs while working alongside your dream client. 

I would love for you all to come along and watch on the night. I'll be closing the event with Kris Smith. Very exciting! Here is a link to purchase yours tickets to come along! There are two time slots you can come along to, 6.00pm and 7.30pm. 

Bring on another adventure !!! When you challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone, amazing things happen!! Big thanks to everyone on the day, it was a pleasure to work with you all! The photography is by Cara O'Dowd (@caradowd).

Elyse Xx