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Elyse Knowles - Myer Beauty 2018

I recently had another fun experience with the Myer family ... and this time it was all to do with beauty! I had the pleasure of exploring the beautiful range of products they stock... from Aesop to Bobbi Brown, Kheil's, The Ordinary and Clinique. Their cabinet of goodies is a girls dream land!! Skincare, body, makeup, nail, haircare ... they have it all covered! 

I've battled skin issues throughout my twenties. During high school my skin was fine & then at 21 it just started to breakout. Over the past 4 or 5 years I have become so in tune with products, their ingredient set, what I eat & drink and how I treat my skin. It's a timely & ongoing process ... it's amazing how much there is to learn! It takes a while to find & test products that are truely full of quality and have a positive outcome - so I can assure you, Myer is stocking some of the very best! 

It's clear that the Myer family are all about the celebration of diversity. Every man & woman is unique and individual. Everyone has a different colouring, a different skin type plus different their own set of needs and wants. Thank heavens for Myer! There is someting for absolutley everybody. 

On the day of the shoot I worked with some incredible women. We all got chatting as you do on shoots & all agreed that skincare & makeup is not about hiding your face behind a thick of products. Skincare & makeup should be about gently enhancing your natural features, so you add to the beauty you were born with! Of course we all love to play with colour... a red lip, a smokey eye, a rosey cheek - but at the end of the day our natural look, is the best look of all. Never think otherwise.

I was lucky enough to meet Deborah Hutton who blew my socks off. Listening to her wise words was a pretty amazing honour. Deborah is a spark on set! She absolutely bursts with energy, happiness and her skin radiates. She's been working in the industry for a long time (her career includes being an Ambassador for Myer at one point!) and it's clear that her success has been driven by her attitude and her kindness. It's hard not to want to be around people like Deborah. 

From the very beginning, Myer has worked with some incredible models and ambassadors (both men & women!). I feel very lucky to be fortunate enough to be working along side them.

Below you'll see some of my favourite looks from the day, using the Myer range. To shop the look, check out their beauty range online using this link ...  

I have to say a massive thank you to the creative team I worked with on this shoot. My knuckles were super smashed up from boxing a few days earlier (see below under Behind The Scenes)... so they were looking pretty disgusting on shoot day! Whoopsy daisy! Sorry to the poor old editing team who had to retouch them! You are amazing for fixing them up for me! 

Scroll to the bottom to see images from the very cute brunch Myer hosted this morning! Deborah Hutton, Moana Hope, Tina Yong, Stefania Ferrario and myself were lucky enough to be apart of their Beauty Brunch. Images captured from the morning are thanks to Lucas Dawson (@lucasdawsonphotography), Danielle Castano (@stylesnooperdan) and my good, trusty iPhone!

Elyse x

Behind the Scenes (including my knuckles!!)

Myer Beauty Brunch