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The Beach Is NOT Your Trash Can!

Elyse and Josh

Do you know what really baffles me? People who can't seem to see or find a BIN! Is it really that hard ... they're everywhere? And if you can't find one, take your trash home and throw it out there. Josh and I have been spending a lot of time down the beach with Isla lately. Every time we are down there, we spend the whole time collecting rubbish. While Josh and I are happy to clean up our community, it's pretty sad to see it in that state ... and quite disgusting. Have a look below to see what I mean.

The beaches, the parks and even the side walks are all family zones. They're the places kids & dogs can run a muck and parents should feel 100% safe letting them do so. Not stressing about the possibility of their child putting something dirty in their mouth, picking up someone else's old wrapper or stepping on something sharp. We recently found a needle on the sand. Not only is this gross and dangerous, it's unhygienic and inexcusable

I't's unlike me to have a rant or get angry but this is an area of life where we call all easily chip in & make a huge difference. Josh and I have since made a pact. Whenever we're at the beach (whether we are together or on own own), if we see rubbish, we'll pick it up. We'd love to invite you (and we urge you) to do the same & join our pact... #CleanTheBeachLikeJoshandElyse. The more the merrier! 

I  get the guilts now if I see rubbish and don't stop to pick it up. Not only at the beach, but anywhere and everywhere. It's not only about the way trash looks, it's about the harmful effects it has on our environment & all of the species who live within it. Plastic is an especially bad culprit. To limit your use of plastic & therefore the amount you bring into the community, try and make some changes. These are my top tips; 

  • When you go to the supermarket, take your own bags (material if possible) or a basket.
  • If you get a take away coffee every morning, invest in a glass thermos. Even if the cup you get from the cafe is cardboard, the lid is nearly always plastic. 
  • Buy liquids in boxes if you can, rather than plastic bottles (i.e. milk, juice etc).
  • Rethink your fridge and pantry. Instead of having heaps of plastic Tupperware containers & using reams of cling wrap - look for tins or use glass containers, jars & bottles.  
  • If you have a recycling bin, use it! 

I've recently started to learn more about Microfibres. An example of where you might find microfibres, is in your skincare (believe it or not!). They are the little beads you see in lots of cleansers and face washes. These beads are a shocker for the environment. When you wash your face, they slide straight down the drain and into the ocean. From here they get wedged into the digestive systems of underwater species, causing them to die.  If harming animals makes you feel sick - think twice when you're next buying your beauty products. Or any product for that matter! 

We all need to be eco-friendly to preserve nature. We're very lucky to live in a beautiful place like Australia so let's quit using it as our personal trash can. If you have a dog, pick up his or her poo and put it in the bin (it's amazing how many people pick the poo up & just leave the bag on the sand... I can't seem to find the sense here?). If you're eating outdoors, get rid of wrappers and containers properly. If you see a plastic bag floating in the water, pull it out! Just think of the harm that one bag can cause an animal.

Doing a good deed is great for the world and great for the soul. I feel better when I contribute to society by collecting rubbish. Despite the rubbish, Josh and I love our time down at the beach with Isla. It's the best kind of bonding when you're doing something positive and worthwhile. So c'mon people - join our & pact and ourhashtag #CleanTheBeachLikeJoshandElyse and go to bed every night feeling good about yourself! 

If you have any other great tips for staying green & eco/enviromently friendly, please comment below. I'd love to do as much as possible! 

Elyse x