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Dealing with Difficult Skin

Elyse Knowles

Clear skin is the absolute dream for most of us. If I could wake up to smooth, clear skin everyday, I'd be in heaven!! Since turning 21 however, I've battled with my skin. Painful pimples that take forever to surface before they leave you alone ... those are the kinds that found my face! Ratbags! Somehow I went through high school unscathed but it's like my skin just flicked a switch one day... and hello pimples! 

For a few years I tried everything ... creams, serums, cleansers the lot. Nothing seemed to work & whatever did have a positive outcome, the outcome would be short lived. Anyone with skin issues will be able to appreciate that is starts to really get you down after a while. Not having the answers to a problem can do your head in.

After a couple of years of trial and error, I've seen massive improvements to the health of my skin. Hallelujah! I've had to develop and maintain a few key habits when it comes to my day-to-day routine, but nothing too dire. Anything that works for the long run, sign me up! Below are my absolute top tips. Remember I've been through the ringer, so my advice is genuine! 

1. Peels have become a part of my skincare routine. Peels help battle imperfections from their roots. When it comes to blackheads & pimples, getting deep under the skin & to the root of the cause is the most important part. 

2. My diet is a massive part of keeping my skin clear. Eliminating sugars and processed foods has been amazing - it takes a few weeks to see a big change but eliminate as much as you can and be patient while waiting to see the positive change. Patience is key.

I also make sure to load up with Omega 3 foods such as walnuts, chia, salmon and avocado. These types of foods are super high in fatty acids that encourage and stimulate the production of new skin... and new skin is fresh skin! Lots of Vitamin C is another hot tip! Hot water and lemon is a great way to increase your intake. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that helps reduce skin inflammation, irregular pigmentation, and promotes a healthy production of collagen....win, win, win! 

Lastly regarding my diet, goodbye alcohol!! Even after one or two drinks, the very next day my skin looks flat & dry. No thanks!

3. Finding skincare products that have been created by biochemists and pharmacologists has done me wonders. This is definitely not an essential for everybody (and it can be a little more expensive) but if you're someone who is dealing with a real skin issue, book an appointment with a specialist & ask them to recommend products best suited for you personally. What works on some, isn't guaranteed to work on everyone - so a one on one appointment is very helpful. 

4. When I use self-tan products at home or I get a spray, I leave my face out. It never seems to agree with my skin, so I just even out my colour with bronzer when I apply my makeup.

My last two pieces of advice go for absolutley everyone ... even those blessed with happy, glowing skin! 

5. Wash 100% of your makeup before bed! Even if you're wearing a light cream or a tiny bit of bronzer - get rid of it before tucking yourself in! A good foamy cleanser is all you need. Lather up in the shower and wash out your pores. Your skin will love you for it. 

6. ALWAYS buy a tinted moisturiser, a CC cream or a foundation with SPF. Make sure it's a minimum of SPF15, but the higher the better. Protecting your skin from the harsh Australian UV is so incredibly important to A) protect you from skin cancer and B) prevent your skin from ageing and developing wrinkles. Yes we all love to look brown, but when it comes to your heath - try to avoid thinking with a superficial hat on. Be smart and be kind to your bodies.

Keep in mind that skin issues can be genetic and sometimes we're just unlucky with what we are dealt. Our bodies & hormones can take full control at times, leaving us pretty helpless. If absolutely nothing is working, chat to your family & make an appointment with a skin specialist. It might be time to talk through some medication options. This is of course a last result, but if it's a battle you're not winning, don't be afraid to ask the doc.

Healthy, glowing skin is a sign of commitment to your health and wellness. We are so lucky to have amazing products and treatments at our disposal these days but a big part of keeping your skin happy, is your lifestyle choices. Eat well, sleep well, keep hydrated and don't be lazy when it comes to giving your face a good wash every night before lights out! 

If anyone is having issues, let me assure you that I've been there and I feel your irritation wholeheartedly! As I mentioned, finding a solution that works for you can take a little bit of time ... as can seeing the results of your efforts. Keep positive and keep at it.

Elyse x