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Meet Someone I Admire

Life is all about surrounding yourself in people you love. People who inspire you, support you & encourage you to continuously give life a red hot crack & never ever give up when times get tough. My bestie Brooke Meredith (@brookiechook) (who was also the beautiful face of the Grand Prix this year) launched A Conscious Collection (@aconsciouscollection) a few years ago to share continuous collections of health & wellness tips & tricks, to share peoples amazing stories (including Mick Fanning, Elle Macpherson, Rachael Finch & many more), to showcase the latest fitness trends & to be a source of green guidance for anyone looking to better their health from the inside, out. Brooke has nailed it. If you haven't already jump on the website & lookout for the magazine in cafes around Melbourne & Sydney. 

It's safe the say, Brooke is a Girl Boss. She is someone to look up to and aspire to be like. I know I'm her friend so I am slightly bias but I've never seen someone work as hard as Brooke does. Not everyone realises just how many hours she puts into the mag. Brooke curates the content each issue making sure that it's inline with what people actually want to read about. From writing to the food photography to editing, interviewing, recipe writing, research, designing, customer queries, the management of stockists & deliveries - Brooke is at the heart of it all. Impressive right?!

This girl goes like the energiser bunny day after day. She wholeheartedly commits herself for the benefit of her readers because she sincerely cares about them. 

The point of this blog is to remind girls & women that yes things look glam & shiny from Instagram and other forms of social media. But what you don't see is all of the behind the scenes work. The late nights, early mornings. The mess & the chaos. If you really, truely want to succeed & see your goals come to life - you have to be willing to role up the sleeves & to work. I promise you it will pay off. What you put in, you'll get out. Don't let hard work scare you off - let it motivate you. 

I was lucky enough to shoot my second ACC editoral for the new issue! Brookes partner David Higgs (@higgsy7) is another great mate of mine. We've worked together many times both here in Australia and overseas. Like Brooke, Higgsy is not afraid of doing the hard years. Early alarms, big commutes to find the best locations in the best light, long shooting days & editing till the wee hours. Higgsy puts everything on the line to turn a photo into a piece of magic. I admire him for this.

I love these two because of their passion. For years now we've all had each others backs and I guarantee it will continue because you meet genuine people, you never let them out of your sight. 

Thanks for the awesome team - this shoot was a blast!! x