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Aveda & I

I've made it quite obvious over the last six months, that I've become even more committed to living a much more eco-friendly lifestyle. The reason for doing this, and for sharing it with blogs and posts, is that I would love to encourage as many people as possible to do whatever is in their reach to make our world a more sustainable place. It's not just about us. We have our kids, their kids and their kids to think about! It's a huge responsibility, hence why we need to share the load.

I absolutely love that big retailers are getting rid of plastic bags & everyone is turning to Keep Cups and using sustainable alternatives to day-to-day items. We're all part of a pretty incredible movement right now and I am SO proud to have partnered with a company who goes ABOVE and BEYOND in their contribution to making our world a more eco friendly, sustainable place... Aveda.

Aveda have given me the privilege of coming on board as their Ambassador and I could not be more pumped! Healthier hair, here we come baby!! This Ambassador role is something I will not take lightly as I am so passionate about the brand and our shared values in protecting our environment and giving back to society.

For those of you who are not interested in a product plug, I promise you this... I am partnering with Aveda's haircare range because they continue to create incredible products (that really work!) while remaining totally committed to caring for the wold we live in. They're not lead by commercial trends, they're lead by what our world needs. One thing that stuck out to me the most while getting to know the team is that they not only use naturally derived ingredients in their products – but that they are sustainably sourced in collaboration with indigenous communities around the world – for example, the boxes for their Christmas Gift Sets are wrapped in lokta bark paper hand made in Nepal employing women living in remote communities.  That made my heart burst with respect because giving back proves genuine heart and soul. I then discovered Aveda also supports WaterAid (an organisation I have been working with the past few years) which was another sign that there was a strong connection between their brand and myself.  To put it simply… partnering with Aveda just felt right in my gut.

Aveda was founded by Horst Rechelbacher in 1978. Horst, an extraordinary Austrian man, founded the brand with a mission in mind. He wanted to create products that are good for the earth and his guests, and was a real pioneer of the wellness movement within the beauty industry. And did he ever!!!

It's rare to come by someone who is yet to hear about Aveda. From the beginning, Aveda has been a great example of a brand who is environmentally responsible which is something I truly respect and exactly why I am is proudly standing by their side. When they develop their products they consider the local community, the environment, and the product performance. Aveda is showing the world that companies are able to make both eco-friendly decisions AND products that work. That is amazing.

Aveda, Elyse Knowles

While Aveda create incredible hair products that allow us to look, feel (and smell!) beautiful, they're also allowing their customers (including me!) to be a part of the movement to making our world a more sustainable place. What you need to know about Aveda is that they truly consider the ripple effect. What we do with our days, what we eat, what we wear, what we involve ourselves in - everything has a ripple on effect somewhere and they are doing more than their fair share in making the ripple a positive rather than negative one.

So peeps, if you want to reduce your carbon footprint and sleep easy at night, please think twice the next time you buy your shampoo and conditioner. Aveda is a premium product created with meaning and thought. My hair has been in tip, top condition lately AND I feel amazing that I am making a small contribution in buying a product that is so corporately responsible.  My line of work can have brutal effects on my hair - straightening irons, curling tongs, brushing, teasing - hence the need to use products that restore its health and improve its condition.  Aveda is my new best bud!  My hair is strong, shiny & silky. As well the quality, the smell is delicious and the iconic botanical aroma follows me around all day - yum!

I encourage you all to use brands who consciously make a big effort to improve our world. When you're picking up your hair care - think big, think smart, think kindly. I know I will be.

For a glimpse into this wonderful company, hop onto their Instagram @aveda & of course explore their whole range here

Elyse x