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From Me To You (Hits the Bestseller List!)

I've shared a few big announcements of late but there is one more very special secret I've had up my sleeve for a while now... and I can finally scream it from the rooftop!

I'm launching my first & very own ... BOOK & after just two days it's topped the Bestselling list on Booktopia!!!!!

Bestseller Booktopia

From Me To You is an intimate collection of stories from my upbringing, my school days, my entrance into the modeling world and a bunch of my personal thoughts & notes on everything from health, happiness, confidence, careers, travel and of course fashion & beauty. It's time to share with you all, everything I've learned over the past 26 years. There is a lot to tell!

The book will officially hit the shelves this November BUT you can pre order your very own personally signed edition ... TODAY!! Just head to Booktopia to place your order! Signed copies are limited, so be sure to place an order soon!

There are so many parts to our busy lives. Some are amazingly exciting and some are just plain old intimating & scary. While waking up in the morning & living each day is an incredible privilege, of course there are also the days where you feel a little stuck. From Me To You was my opportunity to take a moment, slow down & capture what I believe to be valuable stories & pieces of advice to draw upon when creating your incredible lifestyles, careers & relationships. I love that I finally get to share something really intimate with the people who have supported me throughout my career since day one, you guys! I sincerely cherish you all & therefore this book is dedicated to you.

Check out how it all came together in the below video! 

As much as I love the inclusiveness of social media, I am an old school kinda girl at heart. I have always been this way. I know I can use my phone as a diary but I STILL to this day carry an actual paperback diary with me at all times. Everything is in there. It's my safety blanket. When I travel on planes I always take paper & pens to scribble notes and doodle random sketches ... and I write list, after list, after list covering anything from things I need at the supermarket to career goals. Lists decorate my house like art! I just feel that things somehow seem to mean more when you write them down. There's a personal feeling to print, a sentimental touch.

It's nuts to think that I can share so many of my experiences with you as they happen using my Instagram account. I can take you all to work with me, to the beach with Joshy and the dogs and around the world as I travel here & there. What I can't do though is take you back in time, back to where it all began! So saddle up troops, From Me To You starts right back in the spring of September 1992.

I am so thrilled & over the moon to finally be sharing the news of my first ever book launch. Murdoch Publishing have been an amazing support and I am very grateful for this very special experience. As mentioned above, you can pre-order a limited, signed edition TODAY via Booktopia.

I can't wait to see you all take my book to the beach with you, away on your summer holidays ... and even just to bed as you snuggle in & open up the pages to find a place where you can be yourself & feel totally adored... by me!

Happy reading!

Elyse x