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Sydney Fashion Week!


It’s always a whirlwind when fashion weeks come around! I can never get over just how much they take me by surprise, year after year, due to how full on they are (in great ways of course)! Sydney Fashion Week is no exception! It gets bigger, faster & more alluring each year. So being up in Sydney this week is so special as I am witnessing the sheer, creative brilliance! From the designers to the producers who run the festival, the set designers, the stylists, the models… everyone is here to showcase their wonderful talents - and they do it well.

Fashion Week is always a great opportunity to explore style & let your personality & your mood shine through. It really does inspire you to take a chance, to be unique & to be bold! Whenever I think of FW’s I think of pushing the boundaries. I’m usually in bathers & shorts! So when it comes to these events, I love to experiment with all of the styles & pieces that the talent designers come up with.

This week I’m lucky enough to be attending the fashion shows with my favourite fashion house, Myer (@myer)! We always have a ball together! No matter how nuts our schedules are, we have so much fun, legitimately running from show to show! During FW (wherever you are in the world), you must be quick! Start times are prompt, shows are quick & if you snooze, you lose! And trust me … you do not want to miss a moment of the action. It’s just TOO good!

On Monday night we headed to the picturesque & iconic Bondi Beach to watch the lovely Jonathan Simkhai (@johnathansimkhai). This show was so dam cool. Imagine watching cutting edge designs frolic down a runway on the edge of the ocean. Magic right?! Loads of little groms were actually out surfing during the show & kept popping out of the water to see what all the hype was about. I think they were confused to say the least! It really was an unreal sight.

During Jonathan’s show, I saw some AMAZING outfits that I would absolutely love to wear one day. Caramel leathers, baby pinks and lightweight, sheer fabrics floated on by the stunning models at the Bondi Surf life Saving Club… true Australian style right there. Heaven.

On Tuesday, we were up & off to Carriage Works which is the iconic staging of fashion week each year in Sydney. It’s always a buzz walking into Carriage Works with a million cameras clicking and people calling your name. For a moment you just have to forget they’re all there & be confident and graceful - otherwise you’d stand there thinking, “Yikes! Which direction do I go in first!

The Myer team & I headed backstage to see the We Are Kindred team on arrival. It was all go, go, go back there! Hair & make up artists were rushing around trying to prepare all of the models. Models were being fitted & show producers were crazily trying to get everything organised & ready for their start time. I love this feeling of this kind of buzz. You always get the feeling that something amazing is about to happen… and so it did.

The We Are Kindred show was beautiful. It was a mix between bohemian (my favourite!) and striking, luxury vibes. I honestly loved every single look. It reminded me a lot of the style up in Byron. Effortless, yet striking & competley comfortable.

After the two busy days, it’s a wrap for FW & I this year! I can’t wait to see all of the other shows roll out over Instagram during the week. I’m always so inspired by the level of creative talent in this country, it’s insane! The festival really showcases our creative talent which is so awesome to witness & be a part of.

Keep inspiring and creating people. You are all doing amazing things so never, ever stop!

Elyse xx