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Time To Cherish ...

Photography by David Higgs Photography

Photography by David Higgs Photography

After spending a memorable day in Sydney with the Tag Heuer family earlier in the month, it became instantly clear what an adored, innovative & timeless brand I was in the company of. When you sit back & watch their team move & interact with the room, it's like watching a well oiled machine. Tag Heuer are everything I thought they'd be - pure elegance & sophistication.

Elyse Knowles Tag Heuer by David Higgs

Today it gives me great pleasure to become an official Friend Of The Brand ... it still gives me goosebumps! Tag Heuer (@TAGheuer) have invited me into something very special & I’ll cherish my role & their trust.

To me the brand is more than a collection of watches. It marks a new page in my career. This particular partnership has really reminded me that now is the time to enjoy life, to treasure those around me, to continue exploring life in more ways than one & to keep learning and preparing myself for the experiences to come.

Wearing the Carrera Timepiece Collection (see the images below), I feel a new sense of style. Wearing the watch makes me feel confident & sophisticated and to be honest - I feel invigorated, and ready to take on the day head first. It's a unique feeling and one that is a little harder to explain in words ... but I am hugely grateful for this opportunity & excited to be representing such a timeless, world renowned brand.

It's a huge honour to include my Vogue feature in this blog, which I've linked here for you all to read. And make sure to scroll through the amazing images below, created the following team. Talk about elegance & sophistication - this creative duo was that & more! All of the beautiful fashion pieces below can be found at Myer (@myer)

Enjoy your day everyone & remember to make the most of every minute... ... #DontCrackUnderPressure

Elyse x