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Elyse Knowels Bawah Reserve 2019
Elyse Knowles Bawah Reserve 2019

If you've been following my recent travels on Instagram, you would have been introduced to the absolutley pristine Bawah Reserve in Indonesia. If you've been watching, did this location blow your mind? It did mine!!! What a place to start a holiday. If you're in need of a getaway, I can't speak highly enough of Bawah. It is insanely special, so luxurious & utterly peaceful. My idea of paradise - Brookes too! 

To get to this Bawah, Brookie and I firstly flew to Singapore. From here we boarded a ferry & then hopped straight onto magical seaplane that flew us to the private island of Bawah Reserve. The plane ride was the best entrance possible. From above we were able to see all of the spectacular elements. From the white sandy beaches, to the huts over the water. The blue ocean & the non existent traffic!! This island ticks all the relaxation boxes. It's truely a place that invites you to switch off & soak up the sunshine. 

As soon as we arrived, the islands sustainability efforts was instantly obvious. We were each given a copper water bottle & told about their focus towards a no plastic policy. Already I felt at home! When it comes to traveling, I've become more & more interested in visiting places where the locals are dedicating their time & interest to the health and sustainability of their environment. Traveling & learning about the many different ways to clean up & protect this world is high on my list!

Bawah in particular, is full of coral reefs, a huge collection of marine life and dense mangroves. With all of this life thriving, it's hugely important they monitor what has the potential to disturb their waters & prevent damage before it can occur. They do a great job. Even the actual resort itself was highly considered during the building process. Bawah have used natural materials such as bamboo & stone to create their liveable spaces on the island. The jetty which you would have seen on my Instagram stories - was constructed with a team of diving specialists present. The experts where hired to to monitor the entire process & ensure the coral remained unharmed.

They're thinkers at this reserve - on all levels! The drinking water they offer is created using what's called a desalination plant. This type of plant removes salt and other impurities from seawater and works using reverse osmosis, microfiltration and nanofiltration. Pretty impressive right? Very! 

They island is currently focusing on how they can best tackle climate change, which of course is a very tricky area. The Bawah Reserve team are playing with the idea of generating their energy from solar power - which is a fantastic step forward. The first phase will begin shortly, starting off by installing solar panels on the roofs of areas around the reserve. These types of activities take a lot of planning, investment & skill - so it's incredible to see just how strong their commitments levels to sustainability are. 

Elyse Knowles Bawah Reserve 2019

Activity wise - this place offer sooo much to do! On one of the mornings for example, Brooke & I hiked to the peak of an island mountain to watch the sunrise. This experience was pretty remarkable, and one I'll never forget it. Watching something that beautiful gives you the chills. I suppose it's an instant reminder of just how lucky we are to be here on earth. Another day we sailed around the private islands, learning about their the marine life & exploring the coral beneath us. Being an advocate for cleaning up our oceans myself, seeing these crystal clear waters while sailing was pretty beautiful. We learned about how they were tackling the issue of the surrounding island's rubbish washing up their shores. It's sad when you see the rubbish around, but it's so great they're taken action. 

Everyday the staff were so friendly & accomodating. They were chatty & full of joy which made the whole atmosphere feel calm. The reserve employs the beautiful locals to working the resort. This provides fantastic opportunities for many people. And hiring the locals means the experience of staying at the resort is so organic & full of beautiful customs and culture. It really was a pleasure to be in the company of such warm & gracious people. 

So if you are looking for get away & find a pocket of paradise - please consider Bawah Reserve. Going with my bestie Brooke was the cherry on top! We snorkelled & explored the beautiful waters, we ate delicious meals together (their locally grown produce & the variety of dishes they offer will have you eating all day long!), we laughed a tonne, relaxed and of course, enjoyed some peace in our own space.

From start to finish, this experience was without a doubt, five stars. From the moment we boarded the flight to Singapore, everything was taken care of - including transits & private breakfasts (my idea of a holiday!) If you want to check it out in more detail hope online here, https://www.bawahreserve.com/ or check our their Instagram page, @bawahreserve

For now I am home sweet home, with Josh and the dogs! As much as I love seeing the world - coming home to my favourite faces is the best way to end the perfect holiday. 

Elyse x