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Happy Earth Day

Elyse Knowles EARTH DAY 2019

Earth Day has been around for a while now which is incredible & I hope it sticks around for good. It was first celebrated in 1970 and now there are 193 countries around the world who contribute their focus to this amazing day. In case you didn't already know, today is Earth Day! April 22nd is your day to be kind to the ground beneath your feet & loving to the air that you're inhaling & exhaling. I really do urge everyone today, to be extra careful & conscious about every decision you make. Focus on your day-today habits & see which of them you can improve. I bet you can improve more than half very, very easily.

Even though Earth Day has been around for so many years, I feel as though that NOW is a seriously crucial time to involve yourself in the discussion of the world's sustainability. Every single one of us, adults & children, desperately need to make sure that our carbon footprints are become reduced as much as possible. The littlest adjustments to your lifestyles can make substantial improvements.  

  • Walk, ride or organise a carpool to work/school. And don't rule out public transport! Imagine mornings where you could listen to music & Podcasts and ignore the boring old traffic and angry car horns coming from everywhere ... heaven! 

  • Ditching your constant take away coffee cups & investing into a Keep Cup is a brilliant & easy way to limit your packaging consumption 

  • Research & find your local farmers markets & start buying foods that have been organically grown, without a heap of pesticides & plastic wrapping. 

  • If you're a little hot or chilly, open a window for fresh air or layer up in something warm & wooly. You all know I'm a massive beanie girl. Something as simple as a beanie will keep you so much warmer by preventing your body heat from escaping. I much prefer this option compared to drying out my skin with hot heaters blaring all day. 

  • Try your very best to shorten your showers. Imagine if everyone just shortened their showers by 1 minute each?! Imagine how much water we'd save! GALLONS! 

  • When you're buying goods for your home such as light globes, cleaning agents & office supplies, keep your eye out for the most eco-friendly option there is. For example you can buy recycled paper for your printing needs, chemical free cleaning agents that won't pollute the air you breath & globes are they energy efficient. You just have to look a little bit harder. 

  • Start a veggie garden, or if you're constricted by space, a simple herb garden (vertical gardens are great if you have very little room in the garden or on a balcony). The more you can grow, the less you'll need to buy! 

To get an idea of what our rapidly expanding consumption habits are doing to our earth - you only have to Google the word "landfill". You'll see photos of piles the size of mountains full of plastic & trash. When you see these piles, you might be thinking, "where does it go". It doesn't go anywhere. It just shifts around from one mound to the other, and sadly a lot of it will end up in our oceans. And when I say a lot, I mean A LOT.

So what can we all do about it?  

The first step is easy & doable by all. Stop buying plastic! Or at least reduce your use by as much as possibly can! Replace things with glass or cardboard options & reusable boxes or canvas/hessian bags to carry your groceries home. Cleaning up & preserving this planet is up to all of us. There is simply no one else to do it for us, so it's time to step up & think smart using both our heads and our hearts. It's not up to local councils, or politicians, it's up to each and everyone of us. So please do your bit & think before you're next buying something made from plastic or any other material that is not biodegradable (for example Aveda focuses on using advanced sustainable packaging for their product range). I assure you that there is always a better alternative. 

Tonight, why don't you all turn the lights off & eat dinner over lit candles. Turn the telly off & just chat with each other. Put your phone away and look up at the stars. Cherish the moments & the happiness that comes from just living off the earth.

Go green team! As always, I'd love for you all to leave your best eco-living tips below! Josh, myself and the dogs are all ears! 

Happy Earth Day everyone!