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Anything property related, we use ENTOURAGE!

The property market is a bit like the jungle. It's gigantic, intimidating & it can be unpredictable from time to time. Prior to our experience on The Block, Josh and I purchased our first house in Coburg, VIC. Being just 21 and 24 years of age at the time, this was a pretty massive decision. So much to learn, so much to organise, so much to sign!

Quick tip! If you are planning to get into the housing market at some point, find a trusted support network very early on to help smooth & de-stress the process as much as possible from day one. Be as active & as involved as you can though… and like a sponge absorb the whole experience, as it’s a big & exciting one!

But like any big investment – make sure you do you research & ask a zillion questions before you do anything to make sure you are clear & comfortable. 

While Josh and I have some experience in property (we’ve bought and sold 3 properties now), Josh & I are certainly not seasoned experts in every aspect of the buying & selling just yet. We are learning more day-by-day and building confidence as we go.

The one thing we promised each other a while back, was that we’d work with a group of professionals who would guide us down the right path for us. Buying property is not a “one size fits all” situation. Each experience is totally unique depending on the buyer & their circumstances. Hence why it’s crucial to get a little help while you set yourself up. Especially when it comes to the financial side of things.   

As Josh & I further our renovation plans & invest deeper into the property market – we made absolute sure from Day 1 that our financials were set up correctly. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to the financials– salaries, home loans, building loans, interest rates, bank accounts, etc etc etc.

On top the finance stuff, you have to think about taxes (for instance stamp duty), building approvals & permits, mortgage brokers, insurances, matters to do with conveyance …  talk about overwhelming!! And while you’re busy with ALL of this stuff, you ALSO have to maintain your full time job & your day-to-day life. I’m tired just writing this.

This is exactly why Josh and I partnered with Entourage. 

Entourage is a boutique team of mortgage brokers. Whether you are purchasing, refinancing or expanding your investments, Entourage will help you achieve your property and finance goals. They are current, relatable, and trendy & they’re on the ball 24/7. They do not miss a beat.  

As soon as we met with Entourage’s Director, Damien Roylance we knew we were in good hands. As I do in all meetings to do with investment, I told Damien that I was a visual person who preferred drawings to big words. He totally understood & was on board instantly which made me feel at ease. Within the first few hours of meeting we’d relaxed.  Josh and I were unravelling our dreams & aspirations to him while feeling safe and understood.

It was really great to see Josh so comfortable in the meeting as well. Josh let the Entourage team know that from a very young age he’d be taught that it wasn’t about what you earned, it was about saving your income & making smart investments. Just as I am, Josh is very driven towards getting ahead early in life with good old fashion hard work.

Entourage get this. They encouraged our drive from the get go & basically mapped out the best way forward. They were & still are by our side with all of our investments …  I see a healthy & long-term relationship on the horizon! We couldn’t be more appreciative.

Josh and I would love to see & support, as many people as possible get serious about their futures from a young age. So we’ve decided to partner with Entourage to show you how you too can get started in safe hands with Entourage. 

For more details about the incredible property wizards at Entourage  – jump online & follow them @entourage_au