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To My Dad Stu x

Elyse wears gown by  Alex Perry  from Myer

Elyse wears gown by Alex Perry from Myer

There is absolutely nothing more important to me than my family, Josh and my dogs. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without these people. They’re the whole world to me and I am beyond grateful for them every single day.

I recently spent a very special day shooting with Stellar Magazine & Myer, in anticipation for the incredibly BIG day that’s coming up next Sunday… Father’s Day! A dad where it’s all about them!! I hope that you all take a little bit of time to plan something nice for your dad. Even if it’s a thoughtful note that reminds him how grateful you are to have him in your life. I promise you, he’d adore it. Dads are just big old softies at the end of the day!

In the meantime, I’d love for you all to meet my dad, Stu! This guy makes me giggle! He’s helped me immensely over the years to grow into a strong woman, to understand just how important it is to stay true to myself, to make wise choices & to strive to be independant. He’s taught me how to be someone who works hard for what they want in life, to get involved and just give things a crack (no matter the challenge), to respect everyone & treat everyone as an equal. I am so thankful to you dad, and so proud of you.

I owe a lot of my character & personality to my parents! When I think back to the role models they’ve been throughout my entire life, it’s so clear how lucky I am.

Even though it was a Fathers’ Day shoot, it meant the world to have Mum present on the day as well. If you scroll down, you mind even see a little glimpse of her … meet Kim! These two are a strong team, the very best team! I’m actually SO glad mum was there, as we got to witness dad getting his very first splash of make up!! What a trooper you are Stu!

But in keeping with the theme of Father’s Day, here’s a little note, just for you Stu :)

You are grounded, you never take life too seriously, you’re the hardest worker I know, you are pure joy to be around & I love you to the moon and the back.

Whatever it is you want out of life, I hope you receive it every single day. You deserve it. x

Of course, a huge thank you on behalf of both dad & I to the wonderful team on set during this shoot! You’re all gems & made the day a breeze!

  • Photography - Jedd Cooney

  • Styling - Irene Tsolakas

  • Interview - Nadia Salemme

  • Fashion by Myer - see below images for designers

Enjoy the special day with your families next week!

Elyse x

(Download the Stellar article here)

Some BTS pics from the shoot x