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Elyse Knowles is a jack of all trades, from reality TV renovator on The Block, to swimsuit model and Myer face, to ambassador for worthy initiatives like WaterAid Australia's tote bag project.

One of the many things she juggles within her busy schedule is a rigorous diet and exercise routine, in order to maintain her svelte figure for the numerous bikini and fashion shoots that see her travelling around the country and the globe.

The 25-year-old is a self-confessed gym junkie, but manages to find balance in her life thanks to a sweet tooth and the occasional 'lazy' week.

To figure out exactly how she maintains her healthy glow and those abs (honestly, they rival J.Lo's), we asked the Byron Bay-based model to break down her daily eating and exercise habits.

Keep reading to see Elyse Knowles' full diet and fitness regimen.


”My day on a plate is... 

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled in a pan with spinach, dill and pepper. I top this off with half an avocado, some pesto and goat's cheese. 

Lunch: A smoothie bowl is my favourite go-to. Protein powder, a frozen banana, ice, cocoa, maca powder, collagen powder, almond milk, hemp oil, chai seed & hemp seeds. When it's all whipped up, I top it off with almonds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and a teaspoon of peanut butter. 

Afternoon Snacks: Raw nuts or crackers with dip. 

Dinner: Salmon with a roast veggie salad. When it comes to cooking the salmon, I bake it in foil with crushed ginger, garlic, chilli and tamari. For the salad, I roast my veggies and mix them with spinach, almonds and tahini dressing (tahini, a squeeze of lemon, honey and sesame seed oil).”

"I've never had a coffee in my life. Fact! But I am obsessed with chai. I have an almond milk chai every morning with my eggs. And usually I'll have a smoothie bowl for lunch with peanut butter … I'm a little obsessed with peanut butter at the moment."

"I don't really enjoy drinking alcohol, so I don't drink often at all. I've never been a 'casual' drinker, so avoiding it is quite easy for me. If we are out for a social dinner and they're serving amazing cocktails, I'll occasionally have one or two. But to be honest, I'd much rather enjoy a yummy dessert. The best thing about not drinking often is waking up on Sunday morning feeling amazing. If I drink, I see the effects in my belly almost instantly. I get a big hard bloated belly, which makes me feel really uncomfortable."

"I am trying to eat less meat these days and I only buy from organic farmers. I'd really love to give it up one day, but before then it's important that I make sure I can get enough protein and iron from other sources. [My boyfriend] Josh loves meat so I am constantly cooking it for him… which can make me feel guilty! Meat is a tricky one."

"My main indulgences are peanut butter and chocolate without a doubt. I have the biggest sweet tooth EVER. It takes strength and a lot of self control to avoid snacking on sweet things!"

"I take Vital-All-In-One at about 3pm each day to get my daily nutrients & for a little pick me- up. I take extra collagen to try and help my skin. Collagen is easily added into my smoothies. I also usually add Vital Pea Protein and Hemp Protein to my smoothies as it is great for muscles and energy levels and it keeps you nice and full for longer periods of time which can help you to avoid snacking on sweet, naughty things. Lastly, I've been using Chinese medicine to try to balance my hormones and improve the condition of my skin."


"I absolutely love training and keeping active. A daily workout, whether it's a PT session or a walk with the dogs, is the goal. Typically I'll do a PT session 2-3 times a week, a lighthouse walk 2-3 times week and a few weight sessions at the gym I've created at home throughout the week. Every day without fail I take the dogs for a big walk! They'd go nuts if I didn't. If I wake up and feel as if my energy levels are low, I'll grab the dogs and take them to the beach. I feel as if it's important to push yourself when it comes to fitness but listening to your body is also vital. I'd hate if I went hard on a day where I was feeling burnt out and it ended up in an injury or making me fall sick. Your body will tell you when it needs a break, so it's good to listen!"

"My favourite kind of exercise is weight training, I feel my best when I am strong and toned. My least favourite is running, it's hard on my knees."

"Weight training is not only an enjoyable workout for me but I feel that it's the gift that keeps on giving! I can still feel the burn a few days after a good session, and I love that. I enjoy the feeling of when my muscles are burning, my body is sweating and I'm puffing! I like to be challenged, I like to work hard and I love gaining muscle. Women tend to fear increased muscle mass as it can covert to weight on the scales, but it's worth it. It's not fat, it's strength! My advice is to hop off the scales and hop into a positive mindset."

"I have lazy days more often than you might think, I'm only human! That time of month is an especially tricky time for me as it can throw me off my game. If I can feel that my body truly needs a break, then I let myself rest. It doesn't mean I'm on the couch snacking on naughties (well sometimes), it simply means that I am lowering the intensity levels to allow my body to recharge and rejuvenate. Think of your body like your phone … it needs to be recharged. If I am busy travelling, I make sure to take care of my mindset first and foremost as flying here and there can really take it out of you mentally. During these periods I find it's usually more beneficial to stick to long walks where I'm still active but I am not staining myself."

"I try and target EVERYTHING when I work out. I work on arms and my back a lot. I love seeing strong women with toned arms, especially mums holding their kids with strong, toned arms. When I see them, I always think to myself, 'What a woman!' Another part of my body I focus on, is my glutes. I find it tough to activate my glutes … and as I've mentioned, I like a challenge!"



"My hair is naturally very blonde so I only really get the colour freshened up every six months or so. When I colour my hair I use products that contain only naturally derived ingredients, such as the incredible in-salon hair colour from Aveda. My hair cops a lot during busy period of shoots, events and travel. From being curled, to straightened & then curled again, it can take a beating! When I'm not working I offset the damage by barely touching my hair at all. I rarely brush it and make sure it gets a wash, lots of salt water and a dose of sun."

"Skin has always been a trouble of mine. I've combated blemishes and really bad pimples for years and years … and it can really get me down and cause me to feel incredibly self conscious. Skin is something we just can't control as much as we'd like to. Hormones, lifestyle and genetics all play a part, making it a hard little battle to win!"