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InStyle BTS

Imagine relocating your office for a day, to your favourite place in the whole wide world... It's a pretty cool thought right? Just imagine if we could all do this everyday ... heaven on earth! When I received the InStyle call sheet & saw that the shooting location was the beautiful Sydney beaches, I was one happy girl! Working outside & beside the water with a spectacular team all day, is nothing short of a gift.


Thank you so much to InStyle - their wonderful editors (in particular the lovely acting editor, Alex Noonan), stylists & writers for this unique & forever memorable cover shoot. Covers in Australia (and all over the world) are not super easy to come by these days - so if you land one, it is an official "holy moly" moment!!! The butterflies in your tummy zoom around like crazy - not with fear though, with pure excitement!

It really does take a team to make these things happen - from scouting the locations, sourcing the fashion pieces, organising the catering, carrying all of the equipment down to the water, setting up the lighting, making sure everything & more importantly, everyone is comfortable, happy & feeling good ... it's all a big mission! But when everyone chips in & brings their smile and positive mind-frame to set - magic happens.

Shooting with the very talented Simon Upton was a privilege. His knowledge of movement & natural lighting in particular was something that really stood out. He moved gracefully, he was so confident in all of his directions - he was totally at one with the environment we were in & therefore, he nailed it. Shot after shot ... it just got better & better. As a model, even though you're on the other side of the camera - you are totally in-sync with the photographers mood. If they're stressed - you feel it. If they are tense - you feel it. If they're unsure - you feel it. But with Simon? He could have directed this shoot with his eyes closed. He is a total natural & someone I really respect & admire.


As well as the editorial shots (which I love!), I've popped a bunch of my own behind-the-scenes photos below for you all to check out the fun we had! Boards, surf, sand, sea, sun ... what is not to love?! If you’re loving the colours, styles & vibrance of this shoot - it’s all thanks to Myer! Keep your eye out as of now, because fun spring-fling pieces & summer standouts are landing in store… and they’re hot! Shopping for this season is going to be a dream!

I am so grateful for this wonderful cover opportunity (you can check out the article here) & I'll treasure the experience for a long time to come. Thank you so much to the killer team below - you're all pros in your own fields and working alongside you is pretty amazing.

In summary, this was a total FEEL GOOD experience! I hope these bright, happy & vibrant images all make you feel the same. Whenever you're having an off day - remember to get outside under that big blue warm sky and cherish what you have in that moment. A world that cherishes YOU!

Elyse x