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InStyle Women Of Style Awards

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Last night was a very special occasion. It was The InStyle & Audi Women Of Style 2018 Awards held in Sydney. Thank you so much InStyle for putting on such a memorable night. 

Picture a beautiful, giant room FULL of incredible women who are all determined to make a positive CHANGE in this world! There are so many ballsy, courageous & intelligent women out there who wake up every morning with the goal to get up & make this world into a better place. Becoming more aware of the many individuals who share this aim is a new goal of mine. It's not only the people we see interviewed on TV or read about in the paper who are out their kicking big goals. There are so many humble & hidden gems around who deserve the limelight & the accolades. 

The InStyle Women of the Year awards is all about celebrating these women & letting the audience not only applaud them but hear their stories. Their stories are the most amazing part. They just blow your mind & fill you with inspiration to do more with yours days. 

Jade Hameister in particular stole my attention. Read the below to get an idea of just how brilliant she is... 

"Jade Hameister was raised in an adventurous family, but no-one could have predicted the heights that the 16-year-old Melbourne schoolgirl would one day reach— literally. The young adventurer conquered Mount Kosciuszko at age six, and completed the trek to Mount Everest Base Camp when she was 12. At 16, Hameister set out on her most demanding journey yet, dubbed the Polar Quest, with aiming to complete the Polar Hat-Trick. The feat would entail skiing to the North Pole, the South Pole and across the second largest polar ice cap, in Greenland. She completed the expedition in January this year, becoming the youngest person in history to do so. “I almost think the mental side is tougher than the physical,” she says. “You’re always struggling physically, but it’s the fact that we worked so hard to get to that point...you tell yourself you don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Jade took home the Fearless Spirit Award... at 16! What an inspiration! I was honestly lost for words hearing about her hardcore endeavours! If you want to see more of her, follow her on @jadehameister. I know I will be! 

When we think of style, we usually think of fashion & trends. Style can mean so much more though. It's the way we hold ourselves. Style to me means strength & power. It means embracing individualism and being proud of who we are. Style lets us all walk to the beat of our own rhythm. It lets us shine in our own unique way.

So in summary, a great night! I feel very privileged to have been a part of this #WomenOfStyle event last night. I went along with the beauties Elle Ferguson & Pip Edwards - two girl bosses! As always their joyful personalities were a lot of fun! 

I felt pretty strong in my black Alex Perry number!!! How amazing was this dress!?!! More style details & pics below!

Elyse x

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