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Playing Dress Ups

Elyse Knowles by Bonnie Hansen 2018 3.jpg

I’m super excited to share pretty wild new shots by the amazing Bonnie Hansen!!! I’ve worked with Bonnie a number of times (Bonnie did our first test shoot together when I was just 14 years old!!) & each and every experience with her just gets better! Bonnie loves to take risks and see her visions come to life. She’s such a creative artist. She’s attentive to deal & just a pleasure to work with!

I’ve shot a lot of swimwear this year, so getting into the editorial vibe for this shoot was a dream…it felt amazing! As a model there is nothing better than chasing variation! Your grow & learn when you change it up - which is all really important as you mature your portfolio.

It doesn’t matter how advance your modelling career is, you can never ever be shooting enough - whether it be work or simply test shoots. To have fresh shots & to be seen different styles is hugely important to the growth of your career. New material is vital in this industry, as it can sometimes lead to new doors with different clients opening … the goal!

You all know how much I adore fashion so this shoot was wild! The pieces I was styled in for included designs by Dior, Ellery, M a r i a m.seddiq, I Am Gia and many more! Molly King, our stylist for the shoot has a pretty spot on eye! You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down.

Enjoy the photos! Thanks to the amazing team of legends below… you are all treasures.

Elyse x