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Elyse Knowles Range Rover Evquoe
Elyse Knowles Range Rover Evoque Ambassador 2019

Well that was a day a little different to my usual! I’ve had the absolute pleasure today of hanging out in Sydney with the crew at Range Rover who have just welcomed me on board as an Ambassador - in time to launch their brand new model, the Range Rover Evoque!

I tell you what … this car could not fit with me & my lifestyle anymore if it tried. From zipping around town from one meeting to the next, to driving out to the airport for business travels, to taking the dogs the beach & then to what I really love … switching off & going on a road trip! The Evoque is my new best mate! It allows Josh, the dogs & I to go off the grid so we can camp & explore feeling safe & in complete comfort. The car is compact, luxurious and adventurous. Tick, tick, tick!


I always appreciate working with brands who are turning their attentions to the bigger picture - the world around us. Companies who make an active effect to change their norms in order to minimise their environmental impact & carbon footprint. It takes ALL of us in this world to make changes, so when those like Range Rover (a global leader in the automotive industry), jump on board,  we move one step closer to a healthier earth with cleaner air and oceans.

As well as their adventurous capabilities, two things I really admire about this car are;

  1. The Technical textiles. Range Rover are offering consumers the chance to opt for recycled plastics as premium alternative to leather seats in collaboration with European textile brand – Kvadrat. Eucalyptus options available are also available which is pretty incredible. And;

  2. Up to 33kg of natural and recycled materials are used in every Range Rover Evoque.

Not bad right?!

Prior to the Evoque, I’ve been driving a different Range Rover model for the past year or so now. And I am not exaggerating when I say … IT HAS BEEN MY FAVOURITE CAR YET!! Which is a big call, because if you’ve read From Me To You, you’ll all know how much I loved my first car which I bought with ALL of my savings. It was a Honda CRV with a bright pink sticker on the back that said UNIT!!! Anyway, purchasing a Range Rover as an adult was a life long dream of mine & I was very proud of the hard work & effort when I could do so.

Cars create memories & allow you to travel, explore and escape. That’s why I love them. Josh & I have driven from Melbourne to Byron in the Range Rover & it’s the most comfortable car to take on a roadie! We’ve actually done this trip many times & I am so excited to start traveling the roads in the new Evoque with all of the new & modern technology it has to offer.

I cannot wait to get exploring in the new beast & share my future adventures with you all! If you’re in the market for a new car - please consider the Evoque & keep the environment in mind when you customise certain elements & features.

For now, thank you SO much to the amazing team at Range Rover for an incredible day in Sydney. From breakfast & meditation at Shelter in Double Bay, to a day on the green in Bondi - it was a GOOD day!

 I am very grateful for the opportunity to partner with such a reputable brand & I can’t wait to get cruisin’!

Elyse x