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Four simple letters can change someones day today. They can change someones mood. They can change someones life.

Today is a day where it's so important for you ask a serious question. To those you love, to those you know & to those who you admire. Families, friends, colleagues & anyone else in your life deserves your thoughts always - but today, R U OK? Day is especially important.

These are 3 reasons why ...

One in 16 Australians is currently experiencing depression.One in seven Australians is currently experiencing an anxiety condition.Females are more likely than males to experience depression and anxiety (One in 14 females is currently experiencing depression compared with one in 19 men. One in six females is currently experiencing an anxiety condition compared to one in nine men).

Think of it this way. Imagine that your nearest & dearest are all in a room together with you. Everyone is having fun, chatting, smiling, eating delish food & appearing to be happy! Statistically speaking, 1 of your adored guests is possibly suffering in silence. Feeling low, lost or just out of sorts and alone. Sadly this is a reality. Speak to your quirky friend, your shy friend, your loud friend, your happy friend and your quiet, more reserved friend. Despite how they might look or appear, you never truely know exactly how people feel behind closed doors. Unless you ask them.

It's important to reach out to your friends. Try to avoid texting or sending private messages on Instagram. Instead, pick up the phone from time-to-time and talk to them. If you know your friends well, you'll pick up on a change in their tone of voice & you'll know somethings up. Ask in-depth questions, encouraging them to speak out. It's never about prying, it's simply about caring.

Personally, I tend to bottle things up. The feeling of angst gets heavier & heavier in the pit of my belly until I eventually explode and breakdown. It's during these times, I remind myself just how important it is to voice my feelings & lean on those who I know have my back. I'm lucky enough to have best-friends in my life who are almost like family. I cherish these people & owe it to them be honest & real with them. Sometimes it's hard to admit when you're feeling defeated - but it's never a weakness. It's just another part of life.

Also, keep in mind that speaking out doesn't come naturally to everyone. No way! I've been literally pushing myself & teaching myself over the last two years, to tell others how I'm genuinely feeling about certain things. I get nervous & become reserved ... but I don't give into this fear anymore. Who wants to suffer in silence? I used to worry that everything had to be perfect in my life. Work, family, relationships, fitness etc etc … otherwise I'd lose control. But in reality? No ones life is PERFECT! We are all just doing the best we can and that is GREAT!

Don't let social media fool you either! Even though peoples lives on Instagram might seem light & shiny .. it's not uncommon for people to build a wall put up a front. But don't judge these guys either - be kind. We're all just doing the best we can.

I urge you all to do the right thing today & look for that person. You don't always need to be their cure or offer them a cure - but you do need to be their friend and their support network.

We live in a big, fast pace, scary & unpredictable world. But this same world is also beautiful, exciting, giving & full of incredible opportunities and discoveries. This world & this life is worth experiencing every single minute with true happiness and content. Do what you can today to help the people you know & love see the world in a positive light.

To wrap up, I wanted to give Josh a special shout out today. He's my support, my strength & my best mate. Josh sometimes rewires my whole mindset! He puts two fingers on my temples and rotates them around, refuelling my mind with lightness & positivity. It makes me laugh but it works! Josh knows when I am at breaking point & his cuddles go a LONG WAY! He has the magic touch - so thank you Josh.

Be brave, be selfless & ask the simple question... R U OK?

Love Elyse xx

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