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Skateboard Workout!

Elyse Knowles Skateboard Workout 2019

Spring is here! The mornings are becoming lighter & a little warmer too, so it’s time to get our bodies up & moving so that we feel fit, strong & well for the busy end of the year! It doesn't have to be the morning time when you choose to workout of course, as afternoon sessions are just as great but your commitment levels should remain the same all year round, because your physical & mental wellness is everything!

I like to keep my workouts pretty varied during the week to keep my body guessing & to activate different muscles. From long walks, to HIT sessions, to stair runs, surfing, boxing, pilates & weights … whatever gets my mind to switch off & my body to switch on, is a workout I like!

After living in Melbourne for so many years and spending quite a lot of time in different gyms, the move to Byron has encouraged me to workout outside in the open air a lot more. Cardio sessions are big dog walks on the beach once of twice a day, challenging stair runs/climbs at the lighthouse, boxing outside, surf sessions, riding everywhere & creating tough workouts at home ... with a SKATEBOARD!

I blogged about this a few years ago ... but the board is back baby! Why? Because it's easy to use, easy to store, inexpensive to purchase/maintain and it's FUN. My core is hugely benefiting with these skateboard workouts because to stop the board from rolling away, my tummy muscles have to be switched on at all times. Trust me, never disengage your belly unless you want a few bruises & scratches! Plus having a skateboard around makes me feel young & wild. Personally, I love the things.

Now… before I share my much loved workout methods below using a collection of photos of me going through the exercises - please note a skateboard does have 4 wheels! So if you're prone to injury or you find balance really tricky - make sure you do this workout with someone else so they can be your spotter. BE careful & watch out for what kind of ground you place the board on (for example a hot gravel road, is not a good idea for obvious reasons!) And if you want to wear protective wear - 100% do it! There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to health & safety!

For those of you keen to give this a shot, you can find skateboards that are not too pricey at places like Rebel Sport, Kmart ... and even kids toy stores. Despite the workout allowing you to get your fitness fix at home, you really need to commit yourself 100% & try your best not to cheat by not completing all the reps, or stopping after 10 instead of 15 or 20. It will burn, but that burn is PROOF you are working your body well! Put some music on & you'll be fine ... exercise is about mind over matter!

Have fun with this! Even if you're loving your current weekly workout regime, maybe try and throw this into the mix just to test different areas of your body. It's crazy how quick our bodies get used to the same daily workout, so keeping them guessing is really beneficial.

Remember keeping fit & active throughout winter is an amazing way to get an extra hit of endorphins. Life can feel a little trickier during the grey seasons which is the perfect excuse to get your body moving & enjoying the endorphin hit that follows.

We are never too old to grab the skateboard & roll down the path way. It’s a fun way to get to A to B. I feel so awake & alive when skating, like I’m a kid again. Sometimes we need to put all the seriousness of life to the side for a minute & just make FUN out of life. We’re only here on earth once, so if you dare … give a board a crack!

Enjoy ... and remember be careful with this one! Do it with a buddy if you can!

Elyse x