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What a beautiful day celebrating the launch of the new Tag Heuer Autavia collection along with Chris Hemsworth. The actual itinerary we followed throughout todays event was incredible! Tag Heuer does not cut corners. They create memorable experiences which is what I admire about this iconic, global brand.

Just quickly for everyone wondering , Chris a true gem. He is real, he’s down to earth and he’s really easy to get a long with. It’s clear that he truely has time for everyone. So rest assured everyone, despite his insanely huge Hollywood success and fame, Chris is a very a kind and humble man.

The launch was a lunch (a delicious lunch!), followed with a pretty magnificent adventure!

Off we went on a seaplane ride!!! Talk about excitement! The plane took huge right hand turn as we set around Sydney harbour, Bondi beach and back again. We saw two whales along the way which was a very special view seeing them from above. That was a highlight as you can’t plan for that kind of thing. I was pinching myself.

I am over the moon to be working alongside Tag Heuer as their motto, #DontCrackUnderPressure
really aligns with me. I am all about placing myself in situations that allow me to take on a challenge & go on wild & memorable adventures. After all, life is what we make it.

Tag Heuer is a brand of class, tradition, exciting innovation & true morals. What is not to love about that? Their ethical standards are also something to put out. Tag is committed to the promotion of ethics, human and social rights & environmental practices throughout the globe. This is impressive to me in the world of high fashion & makes the brand stand out big time! 

So remember everyone, think big, be brave, trust your natural instincts & most importantly, ##DontCrackUnderPressure

What an event! What a day! Thank you so much Tag for taking Chris and I for the ride! And as always thank you to my creative team Lana Wilkinson (styling) & By Normie (H&MU). Enjoy the pics below!

Elyse x