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Women's Health April 2019

It’s a pretty exciting phone call to receive when it’s Women’s Health calling! And it’s even more exciting when they ask you to shoot their cover for a 2nd time! 

Women’s Health (@womenshealthau), is such an iconic publication around the world. They've worked with so many women who I look up to & idolise & they provide such important information about health, wellness & happiness. If you're looking for a new mag to seek inspiration from, this it the one! They don't only praise women for their bodies, Women's Health celebrate women's mental strength, their career goals, their relationships & their overall happiness & wellbeing. They care about their readers. 

I shot the Women's Health cover in January 2018 & to be back for April 2019 is incredible. I feel so grateful! And so excited to share it with you all. It's a big moment for me & something I'm proud of as I've overcome some hurdles to get here. 

When I was younger I would always ask myself questions around Why and How. 

Why am I always the one who is getting continuously knocked back?

How am I ever going be like these girls & women I look up to! 

Over the years, I’ve been able to answer these questions whole heartedly using the experiences & lessons I’ve picked up along the way. So if you’re also one to wonder about the above … here’s what I’ve summarised. 

Why the knock backs… 

Elyse Knowles Women's Health 2019 Cover

Knock backs only make you stronger. They are vital to endure & they lead you to be able to build a strong backbone & a thick skin. Knock backs make you resilient but most importantly they make you truely appreciate every single moment when you finally get a YES! 

Don’t ever worry or fear that you are the only person in the world getting knocked back time after time. Trust me - you are not and you never will be. Everyone goes through these phases throughout life. We just have to learn to suck it up, put on a strong face & try again. 

How to move forward … 
This one is really not so complicated. 

You have to work your butt off. Every single day. It's as simple as that. 

There are no shortcuts, there is no magic wand or life secret. If you want something in life - you have to step up to the plate & get your hands dirty. You have to do the work & commit to the dedication - even when it feels too much. If you “don’t have time”, set the alarm earlier. If you “don’t know how”, simply ask a question. If you “don’t understand” do the research & learn. You have to be able to lean on yourself & not others in life and I promise you - you are capable of ANYTHING!

Lastly, it’s true what people say, it's not some corny cliche. If you have passion & mental strength to keep pushing through those rough days, people will slowly start to notice you & your work ethic. They’ll appreciate your efforts & they will warm to you. 

I’ve said it so many times, and I’ll continue to say it for years to come - you don’t need to be like them. Like her, or like him. You need to be YOU. You need to be comfortable & confident in your individuality because that is what makes YOU stand out from the pack. REMEMBER THAT !!!! You are perfect just the way you are. And if you can’t see it, you just have to look harder & dig deeper. 

This cover has really made me look back at all of this & appreciate the hurdles I've overcome. 

It was such an exciting day shooting with Women’s Health. In the lead up to this shoot, I worked my butt off so I would feel my best on the day, (key word here is FEEEEEEEL!!!).

For me personally, I feel my best when I feel strong. If I'm strong physically, my mental strength follows suit & I can walk into a studio confidently & feeling ready to go & content with myself. It’s a tough industry at times with so many eyes on you all the time, critiquing how you look, what you’re wearing etc. It’s not always fun but it’s not enough to ever stop me from really giving it my best crack every time. 

And we had the most amazing team on the day! Incredible!!! 

When you have a wicked team on set, where everyone knows what they are doing & what the overall goal is, you can all relax & have a great time. Positive vibes on set make the world of difference!! If someone is stressing everyoneeeee feels it, so it’s vital to be a team player and make sure EVERYONE is ok at all times. I've popped the legends behind the shoot are below.

  • Steve Baccon (photographer) - we have grown up shooting together! We’ve traveled the world with together with the Billabong team & have become great besties.

  • Jacqui Mooney : (The editor of Women’s Health) - Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity! 

  • Sarah Tammer (makeup) - thank you for the gorgeous make up. Natural & glowing, killed it! 

  • Lill Jenner (stylist) who did an epic job! Wait till you see the stuff she pulled for the day... insaneeee! You'll want to workout all day everyday in this stuff! 

The Women’s Health April edition (https://www.womenshealth.com.au/) is now on sale, so hope you all grab a copy! It’s suchhhhh an uplifting, happy & motivating magazine ... a must have in my home. 

Elyse x