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Elyse Knowles Body & Soul May 2019

The 27-year-old Australian model and former winner of The Block is no stranger to healthy living, but she's stepped it up a notch with a recent move from Melbourne to Byron Bay.

“Wherever you look there are people out walking, riding, swimming or surfing,” the model exclusively tells myBody+Soul.

Even though she’s moved to one of the most Instagrammable spots in Australia, she decided to embrace Byron’s hippie roots and disconnect. It was all beach hair, bare feet and a ban on social media.

“We are always online and on the go, which is why taking some time offline every so often is hugely important for my mindset,” she adds.

“When you sign off and commit to a few days without your phone and social media, it almost feels like a weight is lifted off your shoulders. You learn to appreciate your surroundings so much more. 

“It’s not always about capturing the perfect moment, it’s about actually living in that moment before it’s gone."

Working out like a local

Fitness has always been a big part of Knowles’ life, with a mix of cardio and weights workouts for variety, but one of the upsides of Byron-living have included new routines that come with mental health benefits.

“I love riding to the beach, walking and running the lighthouse stairs and finishing off with an ocean swim before riding home. Never underestimate the power of walking and being by the ocean. Walking the dogs will always be my favourite daily workout, it’s good for both my mind and body," she says.

“I’ve also been talking pilates classes lately, which has been amazing for my posture as it’s activating the right muscles. Activating your glutes and core is tough and pilates is great for these areas.”

Meal-prepping for the win

Being so in-demand, it’s no surprise Knowles is a meal-prepper.

“I love to cook nutritious meals and try my best to make sure I have time for a big cook up during the week, however I travel a lot for work and my schedule can change at the drop of a hat so this is where HelloFresh comes in handy,” she says.

“I can lean on their meal kits when things are crazy and know that I am filling up on good, wholesome food. And Josh will never go hungry!

"When you’re starving and exhausted, it can be far too easy to just grab and eat anything that’s in your reach. A lot of the time, it’s not the healthiest option and will most likely be packaged in plastic and full of preservatives. Having fresh options around you throughout the day is key, my fridge is full of lots of fruit from the markets and fresh ingredients that can be used to prepare quick and healthy dinners.

“Food is fuel for the body. If you are super busy at work, you’re not going to do yourself any favours by eating junk on the run.”


Elyse Knowles Body & Soul May 2019