Life Of Elyse BLOG

The Key to a Healthy Mind & Body?

Keep active everyday !! The keyword is EVERYDAY. 

No matter how exhausted I am or even when I'm feeling a little under the weather, I try and fit in at least a brisk walk for 30 minutes. This keeps my mind thinking positively as I know I've done something good for myself for the day. 

When my mind & body are in a good place, I like to workout everyday without fail. No excuses. There is always time! 

I try to train 6 times a week. I mix it up with high intensity workouts and weight training. I train at F45 :) On Sundays I love to go for a big walk. Relaxing while still getting my heart rate up! 

As well as training each day, I still have to take my dog for a walk. She goes nuts if I don't! And it's another good excuse to get outside and amounts the fresh air...rain, hale or shine! Two lots off exercise everyday leaves me feeling good and super energised! People always seem to think there is not enough time but remember getting up 30-60 mins earlier is all it takes! 

Below is a little work out for you. This one will keep the heart rate high, it'll burn calories & get the muscles burning. The ultimate trio! Don't be put off if you can't do 3 lots the first time. Build up your fitness over time. It's not a race but it's GREAT to have an end goal! If you stick to it, you'll get better and fast everyday. You will be amazing at what your body is capable of if your mind stays strong. 

I always like to start my workout with 10 minutes of skipping 

10 Burpee’s 

50 Bicycle Abs 

20 Jumping Squats 

15 Push Ups 

50 High Knee’s on the Spot

Plank for 30 seconds or 1 minute for the challenge

Then start all again

Repeat 3 times


Timing yourself is a good trick so you can try & beat your first time. A little competition can be motivating! And its you against yourself... so you'll win either way! 

I love to do this workout when I am away from work on away on vacation. It's simple to do but HARD on the body! The perfect combination!  

I always travel with a skipping rope. It is light, easy to pack and the best way to burn calories !!! 

HAVE FUN ... and Keep active ! xx