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My workout with a skateboard!

As we all know, time is very rarely on our side! While you  might feel that there's not always enough time to fit everything in during the day... there is IF you get smart and resourceful! Your health, fitness & mental wellness should be a top priority every single day. 

My view is that it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing, you can always find a way to do exercise !! Exercise will make you happy, strong & energized

The other week I was shooting a fitness campaign. I needed to activate my core and my back muscles quickly so they'd pop and out and be present during the shoot. I looked around the room & I saw a skateboard in the corner of the studio. My favorite toy ... & it was about to become my gym for the day! 

I jumped on the board & started to do some leg crunches followed by a push ups. This is essentially the same concept as using a TRX but WAY cooler !!

A skateboard is a great piece of equipment to use for abdominal exercises. You can use it like I have here (video below), or you can include some planks by moving the skateboard side to side. 

Start off with this exercise and I'll show you how to do the rest very soon :) 

So go steal your bro's skateboard and get those abs working !!! You can purchases cheap boards at your local sports shops, Kmart or Target! MUCH cheaper than a Pilates membership!