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Bye bye stretch marks!

When I was 13, like all girls I went through a series of little growths spirt! Out came the hips, along came the boobies & of course my butt grew too! So charming!! So many changes to the body all at once! While I was growing, along came these lovely little lines on the side of my bum. These suckers are called stretch marks

Because my body changed so quickly ... the stretch marks appeared just as fast. The worst! BUT after talking to my girlfriends & others I work with in the industry, I started to see that we all get them! It's absolutely normal, so don't think you are the only one. You are one of many!!!  

It does bother me at times though, as the nature of my job means that I'm constantly in bathers and/or undies. It doesn't matter how fit I stay or how healthy my diet remains, my stretch marks are just a part of growing & getting older. 

For my beauty treatments, I've always gone to Victorian Dermal Clinic in Kew, Melbourne. I visit their awesome clinic for peels, laser hair removallaser treatment on my face!

They've recently introduced me to their latest amazing technology! The clinic has just purchased a brand new machine that gets rid of the stretch marks! A girls HEAVEN! 

I jumped on this technology very fast. It takes 3 treatments with 2 months in between. It hurts a tinyyyyyy bit but not for long. It is definitely worth it! If you can stand a wax, you can stand this! 

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who has a slight insecurity about their stretch marks. As I said, they are totally normal & common so there's absolutely no need to be shy about them! But if you'd like to say goodbye to them for a little confidence boost in time for summer ... now you can! After the treatment my skin is looking & feeling full of life again! 

The clinics contact details are here & follow them here @vicdermalgroup. Jump on & have a look! And make sure to comment on this blog if you have questions! 

EK xxx