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The Making of From Me To You...

It takes an army... is one of those sayings that speaks so much truth. Writing From Me To You was a really special process. I was forced to sit, think & reflect on every single part of my career to date - in chronological order! After over 16 years of working, it's a lot tougher than you think. It becomes so natural to just reflect on certain memories, individual occasions, the big highs & the big lows. When it comes to filling in the gaps between day one and now however, you start to think, holy moly I've covered quite a lot of ground! What's fun though, is that you start to reflect on all of the amazing people who have been along for the ride with you.  

One of the reasons I wrote From Me To You  is to show you that having a team of supportive, loyal and loving people surrounding you is really important. From the BTS images below - you'll see why! "The company you keep makes a significant difference to your day,"  ... is one of my favourite take away quotes from the book. It is so true! 

I also always love to raise & push the point that pretty much nothing happens easily and at the click of your fingers. Dreams, goals & great opportunities don't just fall into our laps. We really do have to get up everyday and set the intention to move forward & work our butts off to get to where we want to be. Do this in good company. Surround yourself in do-ers who will push you, and you'll push them. I love that writing From Me To You enabled me to collaborate with some of the people that have watched me grow up in this industry and from A to B to C. And I've watched them too which makes it even more amazing. Everything about this book is incredibly personal - hence why I am so excited to finally share it all with you!! 

When you read the book, you'll find out all about where, when & why I started my career. What road blocks I hit along the way, how I came to find certain opportunities and why I've made particular decisions over the years. You'll read about moments where I've felt scared and tempted to just hide in my bed when it all feels as if it's just too much. You'll read about how I use my voice. Why I've pushed myself so hard to feel confident when standing up for myself. It's an honest insight into all of these things. It's all me baby! 211 pages of Elyse Knowles. Eekkk! 

As well as reading, you'll find some of my favourite photography to date. When I set out to do this book, I promised myself & my team that we were going to do things properly! A lot of my direction, resources & contacts went into these pages, so I really mean it when I say, this is a very special moment in my career to hold the book in my hands & to see it in yours.

Behind the scenes footage is always my favourite type of content. The more the better, I love it!! I've always been a visual learner, so seeing how things work & how things come together is the way I learn. If you're the same - you are in for a treat with this blog! Over the huge shooting days, I made sure to capture every moment. From fittings, to hair and makeup, shooting, filming ... everything!! Below you'll get a little glimpse into what the pages of the book look like and you'll see my amazing team in action! When you scroll down, you'll also get an exclusive sneak preview into the most amazing location where we shot. It took my breath away. Josh, Isla, Mum, Dad and Tahlea were also all on set with me supporting me at every moment. Where I go, they go :)

In keeping with the tone of the book, these behind the scenes shots are a personal & very special addition to the book launch. They were carefully collected & curated, From Me To You. 

  • Photography - Em Abay

  • Styling - Lana Wilkinson

  • Hair & Makeup - Monica Gingold & Kate Fletcher

  • Videography - Lisa Frieling

  • My team - Kate Heliotis & Tori Bowman

  • I was lucky enough to have my best mate, Brooke Meredith from A Conscious Collection on the team too! Brooke did a whole range of beautiful food & style images - they’re insane! Thank you Brookie Chook!

  • PLUS the other wonderful assistants & helpers throughout the shoot dates and the creation of the book (including of course my amazing family). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.