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Let's just go somewhere...


Another campaign for one of my favourite families, the Billabong family! And as usual, they did not disappoint!! Helen Schettini, Rocky (Barnes) & I were flown to Queenstown, New Zealand to shoot their new winter range (and by the way it's an EPIC range!!). NZ was chilly but fresh, green and absolutely beautiful! The fresh, crispy air was a highlight. 

The idea behind this campaign was ...  #letsjustgosomewhere ... I loved this hashtag & concept as it represents everything I love and stand for... adventure! 

We all had an amazing time road tripping our way around Queenstown. Everywhere you looked was picturesque. It honestly felt like being in the middle of a movie. So many vintage cars & cute little cottage houses looking over the big snowy hills. I will go back for sure!! 

There are so many adventures to be had in that country! had a lovely time hiking around with Rocky. Shooting when it was just 2 degrees or lower was certainly an experience I will not forget. Especially the days we had to wear shorts & a T-shirt. It started to get a little better when we stripped down to bikini's & had to dance on the beach!!! Ahhhh the joys of being model!!! But Rocky & I are not the type of girls to give up. Until they got the shot... the working day continued! 

It was a shoot to remember & I am so excited to share the beautiful photos & video (scroll down to view) with you all...  Have fun browsing!! The amazing team is below...!

EK xx




Photographer: Steve Bacon @bacconphoto, assistant Dan hilburn @danhilburn

Video: Mike Calvino

Makeup & Hair: @Ashleapenfold

Billabong Team: Steph @ham_ster and fluer @fffffleur

My model buddies: Helen Schettini @helenschettini and Rocky Barnes @rockybarnes