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Tag Heuer, Singapore

Elyse Knowles TAG

What a trip! 

Last week I travelled to Singapore with Tag Heuer watch & celebrate the Grand Prix. Being a girl with a true love for motorbike riding, water skiing & anything else fast fast & electric - the Grand Prix is my kind of event! I had the great honour of being the face of the Australian Grand Prix a few years back, so going back to attend race days is always such a pleasure and something I look forward too. Especially when they’re hosted by cities as sleek & stunning as Singapore. 

Elyse Knowles Tag Heuer Singapore 2019

The Grand Prix offered me the perfect occasion to wear my Carrera timepiece by Tag. My watch came with me to see some iconic locations & hugely exciting events in Singapore. It was a treasure to have on me at all times. It made each and every outfit feel sharp & sophisticated. Perfect for the polished city I was in. 

It’s so nice to be partnering with Tag Heuer, a brand who seeks adventure and adrenaline, yet poised & timeless elegance. We visited the flagship Tag Heuer store & had the chance to have an up, close & personal look at their expansive range. It’s truely mind-blowing to see how intricate these pieces are. Talk about detail! You have no idea. The craftsmanship is exquisite. 

As well as the store visit and some city exploring, we kicked off the trip attending the Tag Heuer launch event. “WOW!!” is the perfect word to describe this! Celebrating all things racing, I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be!  This launch event was hosted in the picturesque Silver Gardens, Gardens by the Bay. You might recognise the gardens from scenes out of Jurassic Park. Holy moly - these gardens are utterly jaw dropping. It’s crazy to think the plant life is real as it feels as if you’re standing inside of a fairytale. The Singaporeans have such an eye for visual master pieces. The level of detail & design is remarkable. Puts my garden to shame! 

The launch was an absolutely memorable event. Watching Chris Hemsworth & Max Verstappen fight it out on stage trying to hang F1 tires the fastest was a funny thing to witness. This is a sight you definitely don’t see everyday - but a total crack up. Boys will be boys! 

The day following the launch, we had a great time exploring the city, immersing ourselves in the culture & learning about the cities history along the way. We had a tour guide to make sure we didn't miss a thing … from their beautifully kept gardens, to their iconic series of buildings… and of course their millions of stores! That is one shop-friendly city!

Michael, Scott, Megan  & Elyse Knowles SINGAPORE TAG HEUER 2019

My trip was spent with the three legends below. They were awesome travel buddies to explore with and made the weeks activities such a pleasure (see pic). 

  • Scott Purcell, the editor of leading Australian men’s website, Man of Many

  • Michael Harry, s the editor of Australian lifestyle publication, Executive Style.

  • And the lovely Megan Taylor who is the Marketing Manager for TAG Heuer Australia. Megan accompanied us on on our travels and made everything easy & seamless.

These big trips can be quite overwhelming with such busy itineraries to follow - so people like Megan are heroes! And of course having a Tag Heuer timepiece on your wrist is the perfect way to stay on track. You really don’t want to miss a thing. 

I was also very lucky to spend some time with Amelia Sillard, the Managing Director of Tag Heuer in South East Asia & Australia. Amelia Sillard is a world of knowledge! She is such a kind hearted women, thank seriously knows how to run a show!

Elyse Knowles Grand Prix 2019 Tag Heuer

Next up, it was time to see some cars in action! Off we went to the first day of the Grand Prix & my excitement levels went full throttle. Speed, crazy noise & an unreal atmosphere - here we some! 

The Grand Prix never ever disappoints. The scale of it is crazy (it’s hard to explain or even imagine!). The level noise, the intense vibrations, the speed of the cars and the G-force that the drivers experience is wild. It’s this feeling you can’t shake for days … you go home buzzing! And Friday night was no exception. It was a night to remember … check out the pics below for a taste. If you have the chance to attend next year, do it! You will not regret it!  

Being in a city as beautiful as Singapore was the cherry on top for this event. Under the night lights & surrounded by the warm air, the racing felt like a one-off moment in time. I am beyond grateful to have witnessed the magnificent sportsmanship … and thrilled to have gone with the Tag Heuer family. Thank you so much for a magical week. What a ride! 

Elyse x